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Passport Photo Gravatar


npm install passport-photo-gravatar


var photo = require("passport-photo");
var gravatar = require("passport-photo-gravatar");
/* Try facebook search here */
//Default methods are never cached and must not return 404. 
photo({facebookid:445461, access_token:"User's Access Token",email:""}, function(err, avatarURL){
  if(!err) require('request')(avatarURL).pipe(require('fs').createWriteStream("./avatar.jpg"));


Strategy to use email to retrieve and check gravatar url If you set opts.default to something other than '404' it won't fall through to other strategies.

@param [opts] {object} optional options for the request. @param [] {string} the property of the user object containing the email default: "email" @param [opts.size] {integer} the size of the resulting avatar default:50 @param [opts.rating] {string} display up to this rating, can be 'g', 'pg', 'r' or 'x' default:'g' @param [opts.default] {string} default image type to display from gravatar, can be '404', 'mm', 'identicon', 'monsterid', 'wavatar' or 'retro' default: '404' @param [opts.forcedefault] {boolean} force the default image to be used (can't use with 404) default: false @param [opts.useHTTPs] {boolean} set to false if you want to request the image without https default: true