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Passport strategy for the Hawk authentication schema.

Passport.js stategy for the Hawk authentication scheme.

This module allows you to use Hawk as an authentication strategy with passport.

npm install passport-hawk
var HawkStrategy = require('passport-hawk');
passport.use('my-hawk-strategy', new HawkStrategy(function (id, done) {
  Users.findById(id, function (err, user){
    if(err) return done(err);
    done(null, {
      key:   user.secret,
      algorithm: 'sha256', // sha1 or sha256 
      user:  user

then you can set my-hawk-strategy as a middlware in any route. For instance:

   passport.authenticate('my-hawk-strategy', { session: false }));

passport-hawk can be used to validate bewit:

var HawkStrategy = require('passport-hawk');
passport.use('my-hawk-strategy', new HawkStrategy({ bewit: true }, function (id, done) {
  //..same as previous section