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Passport strategy for Windows Azure store SSO

Passport strategy for SSO with Windows Azure

$ npm install passport-azure-store

The Windows Azure Store authentication strategy authenticates users using a SSO token (SHA signed string with a secret) coming from Windows Azure. The strategy requires a verify callback.

For more info read:

passport.use(new AzureStoreStrategy({
  secret: 'shhhhh',
  check_expiration: true
}, function(req, azureInfo, done) {
  var user_id = azureInfo.subscription_id + '_' + azureInfo.cloud_service_name + '_' + azureInfo.resource_name; // you can do anything with this data, typically you would have to find the user based on this data somehow
  // lookup in DB
  done(bull, user);

Then in your app do something like this:

  function(req, res) {