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A 1Password-compatible password manager

Passcards is an open source app that aims to make logging in to websites and apps from all your devices easier.

It saves logins and other credentials in an encrypted store in Dropbox and enables you to access them from a supported browser (currently Chrome, Firefox or Safari) on any device via a web app or browser extension. The browser extension (currently available for Chrome and Firefox) can auto-fill login forms using saved credentials and quickly add or update logins.

Passcards uses the same storage format as the popular 1Password app and can be used alongside the official 1Password apps. (Please be aware that Passcards is not affiliated with the makers of 1Password, AgileBits, in any way and they cannot support the use of 3rd-party apps to access 1Password vaults)

  • Saves logins and other credentials to an encrypted store and enables access from a supported browser on any device
  • Syncs logins for offline access (eg. for WiFi network passwords)
  • Simple material design interface for quick search and editing/adding of items.
  • Generates random passwords which are secure but still easy to read and type when needed
  • Browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox that can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux and ChromeOS
  • Mobile web app, compatible with Safari, Chrome and Firefox (other browsers may also work).
  • Compatible with the official 1Password apps
  • Command-line interface installable via npm

passcards is available as a browser add-on for Firefox and Chrome, a web app and a command-line app.

See the passcards site for links to install the browser extensions, access the web app and instructions to install the command-line version.

The initial stable release of Passcards will target current stable releases of the major desktop and mobile browsers:

  • Firefox stable + current ESR release
  • Chrome stable
  • Internet Explorer 11 and later
  • Mobile Safari from iOS 7 and later
  • Safari from OS X 10.9

Support for older browsers may be possible in future.

Local development requires NodeJS 4.0 or later for compatibility with jsdom and make. To build the CLI and web clients, clone the source and run make.

git clone
npm install
make all

Tests can be run with:

make test

To run a specific test, use:

node build/modulename_test.js -f <filter>

The web client is a single page application. The Dropbox client keys in the source are configured to allow the app to be served from http://localhost:8000/webui/index.html . You can set up a server for this locally by running, from the root of a source checkout, python -m SimpleHTTPServer.

If you want to host the web app from a different location you will need to register your own Dropbox API keys from the Dropbox App Console. When registering a new app, you currently need to give it full Dropbox access permissions (though this requirement could easily be dropped if necessary) and enable the 'implicit' authorization flow.

The Firefox extension is built using the add-on SDK. A version of the SDK which produces addons compatible with Firefox 30 or later is included as a git submodule.

The Chrome extension is tested against Chrome 36 or later, though earlier versions should work.