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A streaming PLY parser written in JavaScript.


First, install using npm:

npm install parse-ply

Then you can create a stream using require. For example, here is some code that parses a PLY file from stdin and dumps the result to stdout:

require("parse-ply")(process.stdin, function(ply) {

The properties within the file are all encoded as appropriate typed arrays.

require("parse-ply")(stream, cb)

This creates a streaming PLY parser. To use it, pipe in a stream containing your mesh. When it is done, it will emit a data event that has the parsed PLY file as the main argument.

  • stream is a stream object
  • cb(err, data) is callback that is executed once the PLY is fully parsed

More Information

To learn more about the PLY file format, here are some links:

You can also view PLY files using standard tools, like MeshLab:


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. BSD License