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Express middleware and utilities for Cloud Code functionality in Node.js

Getting started

Add parse-cloud as a dependency to your package.json file:

  "dependencies": {
    "parse-cloud-express": "~1.0"

From any file that uses Cloud Code, require the module:

var Parse = require('parse-cloud-express').Parse;

Set an environment variable, PARSE_WEBHOOK_KEY to the value of your Webhook key in your Parse App settings.

From your main Node app, require the root parse-cloud module, require your cloud code file(s), and mount the provided Express app on some path:

// ...
var ParseCloud = require('parse-cloud-express');
require('./cloud/main.js');  // After this, will be a configured Express app.
// Mount the cloud code webhook routes on your main Express app:
// ...

Configure your webhooks on Parse through the dashboard, or see our example project at for an automated script to handle this step.