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Pug template support for Parcel bundler


  • Supports .pug and .jade template files
  • Correctly handles include and extends statements
  • Supports Pug filters
  • Resolves all assets inside template files

Coming features

  • Support HMR when changing template includes
  • Fix duplicated pug error messages
  • Fix variables with URL in mixins


yarn add parcel-plugin-pug


npm install parcel-plugin-pug

Getting error?

If you getting error like that

parcel src/content.pug
⏳  Building...
Server running at http://localhost:1234
🚨  Cannot find module 'parcel-bundler/src/Asset'

you need to install parcel-bundler by running npm install -D parcel-bundler or yarn add parcel-bundler in your project folder, because plugin uses parcel-bundler as peerDependency.