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    Version License: MIT Twitter: VladoDev

    🌀 Parcel plugin that enables Google App Script bundling.

    This is the plugin for Parcel v1. The plugin for the second version can be found here.

    📦 Installation

    # Installs the plugin and saves it as a development dependency
    npm i parcel-plugin-gas -D

    ☁️ Usage

    This plugin modifies the Parcel bundle to be Google App Script compatible. Parcel uses process called uglifying when generating your production build. Uglifying is the process of converting long function/variable names into shorter versions i.e. onInstall becomes j. This is a problem since Google's runtime expects explicit onInstall method to be available in global scope. This applies to other methods as well. That's why default Parcel bundle doesn't work on Google's runtime environment.

    By attaching methods to the GAS entity in source code, you prevent uglifying and with a bit of the plugin's magic your code works on Google's runtime environment.

    🏠 Single file


    // Runs when user installs extension
    GAS.onInstall = e => {
    // Runs as soon as user opens a document
    GAS.onOpen = e => {
      DocumentApp.getUi() // Or SlidesApp or FormApp.
        .createMenu('My Add-on')
        .addItem('Open', 'showSidebar')

    💫 Multiple files

    Google App Script runtime environment differs from normal JS environment that you are used to in your Browser or Node.js. There are simply no modules. Everything is loaded in one global scope/namespace.


    // Runs when user installs extension
    GAS.onInstall = e => {


    GAS.customFunction = () => {
      console.log('Hello from Google App Script!');

    🚀 Build

    parcel build index.js -> produces bundle which you can manually upload to your Google App Script project or push it from CLI with clasp.

    Run tests

    The plugin uses Jest for running tests.

    Jest will execute all .test.js files in the test folder.

    npm test

    👨 Author

    Vladimir Mikulic

    🤝 Contributing

    Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

    📝 License

    This project is licensed under MIT license.

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    npm i parcel-plugin-gas

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