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A Parcel 2 plugin that generates a Web App Manifest, creates all the icons you need, and more!


In .parcelrc:

  "extends": ["@parcel/config-default", "parcel-config-pwa-manifest"]

In package.json:

  "name": "my-awesome-pwa",
  "description": "An awesome PWA to do awesome things",
  "pwaManifest": {
    "name": "My Awesome PWA",
    "shortName": "My PWA",
    "startURL": "./offline",
    "theme": "#add8e6",
    "generateIconOptions": {
      "baseIcon": "./public/my-awesome-icon.svg",
      "sizes": [192, 384, 512],
      "genFavicons": true

This will create a manifest.webmanifest similar to the following:

  "name": "My Awesome PWA",
  "short_name": "My PWA",
  "description": "An awesome PWA to do awesome things",
  "start_url": "./offline",
  "theme_color": "#add8e6",
  "icons": [
      "src": "./my-awesome-icon-192x192.webp",
      "sizes": "192x192",
      "type": "image/webp"
      "src": "./my-awesome-icon-192x192.png",
      "sizes": "192x192",
      "type": "image/png"
      "src": "./my-awesome-icon-384x384.webp",
      "sizes": "384x384",
      "type": "image/webp"
      "src": "./my-awesome-icon-384x384.png",
      "sizes": "384x384",
      "type": "image/png"
      "src": "./my-awesome-icon-512x512.webp",
      "sizes": "512x512",
      "type": "image/webp"
      "src": "./my-awesome-icon-512x512.png",
      "sizes": "512x512",
      "type": "image/png"

In index.html, a link to the manifest, an Apple Touch Icon, a Microsoft Tile configuration, and two favicons will be inserted at the top of the <head>.


This package is a plugin for the Parcel bundler that creates a web manifest with reasonable defaults and inserts a link into the HTML. More importantly, it handles all icon/favicon generation for you when you provide a base icon, which lets you effortlessly support multiple screen sizes and ensure best practices.

Please note that this plugin supports Parcel 2 only. See parcel-plugin-pwa-manifest for a plugin that supports Parcel 1.


Parcel (will soon) fully support web manifests, but creating them can be annoying and can involve you having to jump through hoops to do simple things such as having an icon set that just works across all devices.

In the case of icon generation, you could manually do it with something like Real Favicon Generator, but if you ever change your main icon, you have to run through the entire process again. That's no fun.

Integrating manifest generation into the build pipeline makes life easier. Only minimal configuration is required, but if you want you can still customize to your heart's content.


All configuration is done in package.json under the pwaManifest key. You may also place configuration in a .pwamanifestrc in a JSON format:

  "name": "My Awesome PWA",
  "theme": "#ffffff",
  "generateIconOptions": {
    "baseIcon": "./best-icon.png",
    "sizes": [128, 192, 512]

In order to enable the plugin, you MUST create a .parcelrc. The extends key in .parcelrc should first contain the default config (@parcel/config-default), then this package (parcel-config-pwa-manifest). If you have a custom .parcelrc already, just put parcel-config-pwa-manifest as the last element in the array of extends:

  "extends": [

Almost anything that usually goes in a manifest.json file can go into the configuration. All parameter names have aliases in the original form from the spec (like start_url), in camel case (recommended, like startUrl), in kebab case (like start-url), and in other reasonable forms (like startURL). If you see any inconsistencies in the documentation, it's probably fine; you can use multiple names for the same value.

All parameters that exist in the MDN documentation for the Web App Manifest are aliased, type-checked, and inserted into the manifest whenever provided in the configuration. There are a few reasonable defaults, like '.' for start_url. Watch out for three changes, though: the removal of the icons option to allow icon generation and the modification of the screenshots and shortcuts options' behavior (detailed below).

If you need to have a parameter not included in that list, put an array of parameter names to keep in the final manifest under the include key. If you use an unknown parameter name and don't put it in include, the generation will throw an error.

Changes from standard manifest

The theme_color (aka theme) will default to white and will change the default behavior of some parts of the icon generation, such as the background color of the Microsoft Tile.

The screenshots, unlike in a normal web app manifest, should be an array of screenshot image filepaths or absolute URLs. Do not use relative URLs or they will be confused for filepaths. Each image should be a PNG, JPEG, or WebP file.

Each shortcut in the shortcuts should not include an icons field but rather a single icon, which will automatically be resized according to the icon generation options. The other fields like name, short_name have aliases.

Instead of manually setting an icons parameter containing a set of icons, you should use genIconOpts (aka iconGenerationOptions, iconGenOpts, get the gist). genIconOpts will contain the options for icon generation. The parameters for genIconOpts are as follows:


The path to the icon to generate all other icons from. Path is relative to the placement of package.json.

  • For best results, use a high-resolution (at least 512x512) PNG or an SVG.


An array of pixel values for the sizes to generate. Defaults to [96, 152, 192, 384, 512].

  • All PWAs need at least 192px and 512px icons, so those will be added in regardless of whether they are provided in the sizes parameter.


An array of pixel values for the sizes of the shortcut icons. Defaults to [96, 192].

  • All PWAs need at least 96x shortcut icons, so those will be added in regardless of whether they are provided in the shortcutSizes parameter.


An object whose keys are the desired output formats (in lowercase) and whose values are the configurations to use with the sharp package when generating icons of that type. By default, generates WebP and PNG images with somewhat high compression.

  • If you prefer the user getting one format over another, put that format first in the object.
  • All PWAs need at least PNG, so that's inserted first if you provide your own config. If you don't want it first, put your own png key-value pair in your config.


The background color for the Apple Touch Icon (to fill transparent regions). Defaults to the theme color.

  • Useful because by default, Apple uses black for transparent regions, which doesn't look good with most icons.
  • Recommended to use atib alias for brevity.


The number of pixels to pad the Apple Touch Icon with on all sides. Defaults to 12.

  • Used to account for Apple's courner-rounding.
  • Recommended to use atip alias for brevity.


Whether or not to generate 16x16 and 32x32 favicons and insert links in the HTML. Defaults to false.


Whether or not to generate a Safari Pinned Tab SVG icon using an autotracer. Defaults to false

  • Has a significant impact on performance (not managed by sharp but by native JavaScript).
  • Recommended to use genPinnedTab or gspt for brevity.


The color for the Safari Pinned Tab icon. Defaults to the theme color (or 'black' if no theme was manually specified).

  • Recommended to use pinnedTabColor or sptc for brevity.


The background color for Microsoft Tiles. Defaults to the theme color.


The method to use for resizing non-square images. Can be one of 'cover' (default), 'contain', or 'fill'.


An array of possible purposes for the icons. Each element should be one of 'badge', 'maskable', or 'any'


Disables the manifest creation with no warning.

  • Used to speed up builds when icon generation isn't needed (i.e. when developing with HMR)

production / development

The parameters to use when NODE_ENV is a certain value. Merged with the outer parameters.

  • Useful for disabling/generating less icons in development
  • Case-insensitive - use lowercase in options
  • Can be anything. production and development are common, but you could hypothetically set your NODE_ENV to asdf and have an asdf key with custom manifest generation options

Advanced: Events

This plugin could support a rich event system like the core package; however, at the moment it seems to be impossible to expose an event subscription API with the Parcel 2 Plugin API, so for now this will remain a TODO.


Package installation fails to build sharp

  CC(target) Release/
  LIBTOOL-STATIC Release/nothing.a
warning: /Applications/ archive library: Release/nothing.a the table of contents is empty (no object file members in the library define global symbols)
  TOUCH Release/
  CXX(target) Release/
../src/ fatal error: 'vips/vips8' file not found
#include <vips/vips8>
1 error generated.

If you encounter an issue with sharp when trying to add this package to your project, you might need to install the dependency vips.

On MacOS, install the dependency via brew: brew install vips.



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