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ParaView Lite


ParaView Lite is an open-source, javascript visualization application created by Kitware, based on ParaView, and intended to serve a more refined and dedicated UI for controlling data processing and visualization remotely via a Web page. It is part of the ParaView Web suite of tools.

Learning Resources

Live Demonstrations

As a server based web application, ParaView Lite can be run by starting the server process using the ParaView binaries and connecting to it with any browser at the appropriate URL.

Building for development

The prerequisites are git and node 8.12+. To manage node, we recommend using nvm.

If you wish to view, enhance, or adapt this application in any way, you can access and run the freely available source code from any platform using the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd paraview-lite/
$ npm install
$ npm run serve

This will build a development version inside the ./dist directory. You will have to point the ParaView process to use that directory as web content. (i.e.: $ pvpython ./server/ --content ./dist --data ~ --port 1234)

open http://localhost:8080/?sessionURL=ws://localhost:1234/ws assuming the serve command started using port 8080.

To generate a production build, use the following commands:

$ npm run build

This will output the final bundle and assets to dist/.

Reporting Bugs and Making Contributions

If you have found a bug or have a suggestion for improving ParaView Lite:

  1. If you have source code to contribute, please fork the github repository into your own github account, create a branch with your changes, and then create a merge request with the main repo.

  2. If you have a bug to report or a feature to request, please open an entry in the ParaView Lite Issue Tracker.


ParaView Lite is distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-clause License. See COPYRIGHT and LICENSE for details. For additional licenses, refer to ParaView Licenses.


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