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    The point of this project?

    -it also allows you to change it without reloading the page. useful for virtual doms like (react, svelte, angular .. etc).

    -it has callback when each variable changes (you have to use the same package for it to work).

    -made with typescript!.

    -it can return an object with these variable instead of a boaring string, for example: "?a=5&b=dad" => {a:5,b:"dad"}

    How can i use this?

    How to install:

    Using npm:

    -in your command promp type:

    npm install param-handler

    How can i test it:

    Major Update changed the class name:

    Its easy, you will need jsdom if you don't have a dom(plain nodejs),

    first of all you need to import the package:

    const _PH = require("param-handler"), 
        {PH} = require("param-handler") 
    // or
    import _PH, {PH} from "param-handler" 
    // _PH and PH are the same thing


    let ph = new PH(window) // pass the window from the virtual dom

    Then you can start using it!

    How can i update a specific variable in the query search location:

    Well its easy.

    You can just use

    ph.set("name_of_the_variable", "the_new_value")

    How can i read a specific variable from the query search location:

    You have two choises:

    1- keep track of the changes of a specific variable:

    ph.on("change", "name_of_the_variable", (new_value)=>{
        console.log(`name_of_the_variable has changed to ${new_value}!`)

    note that you can use the second argument inside the callbackfunction to call "this".

    2- Or you can just get the value of that specific variable:

    ph.get("name_of_the_variable", "default_value", "reverse_if_boolean")

        name_of_the_variable has the value of 

    How can i get that fancy object thingy:

    console.log(`the fancy object ${ph.params}`)

    How can i check if a variable exists:

    console.log(`does name_of_the_variable exists?`)
    console.log(ph.exists("name_of_the_variable")?"YES":"no :(")


    npm i param-handler

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