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npm install parallel-proxy -g


Proxy uses rc for config. For example, you can put the .proxyrc config file to a top level folder:

    "port": 2803,
    "prod": {
        "port": 80,
        "host": "localhost"
    "dev": {
        "port": 81,
        "host": "localhost"

It will open the proxy on 2803 port, will forward all input traffic to a production localhost:80 server and to a development server localhost:81, all output traffic will be forwarded from the production server localhost:80, and all output tfaffic from the delepment server localhost:81 will be dropped.


parallel-proxy --config conf.json

Run as daemon

Use forever if you want, but the repo contais two script, and which uses better solution sdt. Before using them you must install sdt.

npm install sdt