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Panel Static

Extending express.static to compile CoffeeScript with Browserify to Javascript and LESS (with LESS Hat library automaticaly included) to CSS

Before you use

This is not expected to work in standard server environment as it doesn't use any caching method. This is specificaly designed to work in Panels in Sketch and Photoshop.


npm install panel-static


path = require 'path'
express = require 'express'
panelStatic = require 'panel-static'
directory = path.join(__dirname, 'public')
app = express()

All files with extension .js, .coffee or less would be processed on the fly.

Special flags

You can manually force request to just serve static file by adding raw param to url or you can disable only some features in your request. Use them as params in query string, for example,

For .js files

  • nobrowserify to get raw js file

For .coffee files (you can use both together)

  • nobrowserify to just compile Coffee Script and skip browserify
  • nobrowserify & nocoffee to get raw coffee file

For .less files

  • noless to get raw less file
  • nolesshat to not include LESS Hat