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    Pandera is a fun little package that lets you replace the word "pandemic" with a randomly selected, similar sounding word (I think we can all agree we're collectively pandemic fatigued 🙃).


    This package can be installed using either npm or yarn.

    Use In Your Console

    Install by running npm install --global pandera or yarn global add pandera in your terminal.

    You can now call it anywhere by typing pandera in your terminal to get a random p-word.

    Importing into your project

    Install by running npm install -d pandera or yarn add --dev pandera in your project directory.

    After adding the package to your project, you can import the 'pandera' package to use it:

    const pandera = require('pandera');

    After importing the package, calling the pandera() function will return a random p-word.


    Want to contribute to pandera? sweet!

    If you'd like to contribute, please open an issue relating to the feature you'd like to work on, and then open a Pull Request linked to your issue. When you open your PR, please add your changes to the CHANGELOG under the ### added or ### fixed heading, as appropriate, with a link to your PR.

    Don't want to contribute code but see something missing or broken? Open an issue to report any bugs or errors you encounter.

    Code of Conduct

    Before opening an issue or pr, please read (and adhere) to the following:

    • be respectful
    • be polite
    • use empathy
    • do not post anything containing hate speech or slurs
    • failure to adhere to the above may result in removal of access to this project




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