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    Pancake Contracts 🥞

    This repo contains all the contracts used in PancakeSwap. It is divided in independent projects where each of them contains its smart contracts, test environment and unique config files.

    Existing projects

    Project name Description Solidity version(s)
    BSC Library Legacy implementation of BEP20/IBEP20/SafeBEP20. Not to be used for new contracts. 0.6.12
    Cake Vault CAKE vault ("AutoPool") contract that allows auto-compounding for CAKE tokens. 0.6.12
    Exchange Protocol Based on Uniswap V2, it combines peripheral and core trading and liquidity protocols. It also adds new features like zaps. 0.5.16 / 0.6.6 / 0.8.4
    Farms and Pools Based on SushiSwap's MasterChef, it also includes stand-alone pools and pool deployer. 0.6.12
    Farm Auctions System for community-based auctions for future CAKE farms. 0.8.4
    IFO Initial Farm Offerings. 0.6.12
    Lottery V2 Lottery system for CAKE built using Chainlink's VRF. 0.8.4
    NFT Markets NFT marketplace for ERC721 tokens. 0.8.4
    Pancake Squad Pancake Squad NFT collection. 0.8.4
    Predictions Prediction protocol contract built using Chainlink's oracle. 0.6.12 (v1) / 0.8.4 (v2)
    Profile, NFT, and Gamification Pancake Bunnies NFT, NFT factories, and Profile system. 0.6.12
    SmartChef Factory SmartChef (a.k.a. Syrup Pools) Factory 0.6.12 (v1) / 0.8.4 (v2)

    Create a new project

    1 - Create a new folder inside projects
    2 - Run yarn init

    Commands inside the root package.json starting with lerna will run the corresponding command in each subproject.




    npm i pancake-v2-contracts

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