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The goal of this project is to make it very easy to merge a set of pictures using a custom pixel indexer.

The pixel indexer is a function which takes an input object describing a single pixel and returns an output object.

Input Object

The input object is comprised of the following attributes and represents a single pixel.

  • color: an object with {r, g, b} where each color channel is a number between 0 and 255.
  • loc: an object with {x, y, s} where x is the x coordinate of the pixel, y is the y coordinate and s indicates which image the pixel is from in the series.
  • progress: an object with {x, y, s} where each attribute is the percent version the loc eqivilant.
  • about: an object with {numSeries, width, height} where each is a number.

Output Object

The output object should always be the same for each input object.

Explaining this will take time



  • support multiple images in final step
  • pass object to the indexer rather than a list of params
  • add ability to control the order in which pixels are indexed