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The goal of this project is to provide a framework for merging photos.


palimpsest allows one to merge photos by write a pixel by pixel indexer. The indexer must provide these functions properties on a indexer object like {declare, allocate, assign}. These function all take the below explained input object and must return the value their explanations below indicate.

Input Object

The input object is comprised of the following attributes and represents a single pixel. It is sent to all modes as opts.

  • color: an object with {r, g, b} where each color channel is a number between 0 and 255.
  • loc: an object with {x, y, s} where x is the x coordinate of the pixel, y is the y coordinate and s indicates which image the pixel is from in the series.
  • progress: an object with {x, y, s} where each attribute is the percent version the loc eqivilant.
  • about: an object with {numSeries, width, height} where each is a number.

declare (input) -> String

Define the index key of the provided pixel. This function will be called a lot of times through out the process. Ideally it is stateless and will always return the same result. That said, if it doesn't no one will know.

allocate (key, input) -> Number

Provide the weight the pixel adds its key.

assign (key, pixelWeight, keyWeight, input) -> {r:Number, g:Number, b:Number}

provide the color the pixels adds to its key

transform (input) -> {}

This hook is optional. It is run before any other hook and is used to transform the input into a different shape. This way a preprocessing step can be done that you know will be seen by all other hooks.


npm i palimpsest

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