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PageMunch - Link Unfurling


PageMunch is a simple API backed by an intelligent web crawler that lets you extract rich previews, entities and images from any url. Whether you want to grab the best title, description and image for a page, prices, authorship, enable video embeds or more.


$ npm install pagemunch


We recommend storing your API key in an environment variable, for security and to enable using different keys in your staging, development and production environments.

Callbacks / ES5

const PageMunch = require('pagemunch');
const pm = new PageMunch(process.env.PAGEMUNCH_API_KEY);
pm.extract('', function(err, data) {
  if (err) throw err;

Promises / ES6

import PageMunch from 'pagemunch';
const pm = new PageMunch(process.env.PAGEMUNCH_API_KEY);
const data = await pm.extract('');

More Details

For more information, libraries and documentation check out the PageMunch Documentation


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