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pad semver to make it lexiographically sortable


Convert semver to strings that sort lexiographically, in the same order as isaacs/semver compares versions.

note, if you want to use ALL the 'node-semver' features, this module has missing features, and bugs. but if you use 1.3.4, ~0.1.3 or 2.3.x ranges like a reasonable person it will be fine.

Unstable: Expect patches and features, possible api changes.

converts a regular semver version into a string that sorts the same.

var p = require('padded-semver')
=> '0001!0002!0003!0004!_build'

This now supports semver2, including the ^ "compatible" range. the compatible range is pretty silly. I wish it was what everyone thought ~ did. Instead it's another silly thing.

SemVer is too complicated.