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pacmod - A package module environment

pacmod is a package module environment that can be used to develop browser modules with es6. Using babel and browserify, pacmod will compile your packages into a single distribution file.

Warning: Please note that releases before 1.0.0 may not be backwards compatable


Simply install the cli

npm install -g pacmod

And you can get started!

Package Structure

Packages are defined as self contained components or module packs that are distributed with their own unit tests. Each package should be independant and have no dependencies outside of itself. The package folder structure is

- /package-name
--- /lib
----- /index.js (entry point)
--- /tests
--- / (optional)

Project Setup

Assuming your project is organized in package-module structure you can get started by simply running


In the project directory. pacmod will look for a packages folder and compile all packages present. You should always define a main entry point that will be invoked once the file is loaded (defaults to the main.js package)

pacmod will also copy files in the public folder of your project to the dist folder. Once complete, pacmod will open your projects dev environment in your default browser. pacmod will continue watching your files for changes and reloading them in the browser.


To configure pacmod, create a pacmod.json file in your project directory. The following configuration options are available:


Default: '_build' The directory to use for temporary build files. You should have this directory in your project's .gitignore


Default: ('pacmod' if not available) The name of your module and the subsequent file to be built


Default: 'dist' The folder to to build the application to


Default: '' The folder relative to the BUILD_TARGET that the compiled JS file should be moved to


Default: 'main' The name of the package that should be used as the main entry point for the application. This file will be invoked on script load.


Default: 4000 The port to serve development files from.


Default: 4001 The port to serve test files from


pacmod has QUnit support built in! You can write all of your tests in the /tests folder of the respective package. To run your tests, run

pacmod test

from your project directory. Your tests will be built and a window will open in your default browser to run the tests. You can even run pacmod and pacmod test simultaneously while developing.