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    Packard Belle: A nostalgic component UI

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    The primary object of this project is to further my knowledge of various browsers and see how far I can push CSS.

    Components previewable at

    Demo site previewable

    Demo site source


    1. To create a CSS framework that mimics my first home computer

    A CSS framework primarily because this is mainly a CSS and browser learning experiment. On top of that I suspect the component behaviour can swap out styles to effectively work as skins with minimal additional changes for a fairly wide range of desktop UIs

    2. To create a component library which mimics standard desktop behaviours

    Following on from 1, the goals of this step are to initially mimic the behaviours of my first computer as close as possible. Where CSS either doesn't work, or provides an unsatisfactory solution (e.g. cursor triggered dropdown menus), the goal is to use the most globally acceptable javascript as I can find to trigger the required changes. For certain components (e.g. select boxes), I'm using quick solutions for now, ain't nobody got the time for that stuff.

    Code quality needs improvement currently as the hacking out a working model is largely done.

    3. Build a website utilising the components

    To be done, I hope to do this in the next few weeks and expand and refine the necessary components as needed.


    1. npm run build For building storybook
    2. npm run build:css For exporting CSS framework (needs work)
    3. npm run build:module For building ES and CJS outputs


    Thanks to @cryiography for the script to autogenerate these

    Name Docs Dir Source
    Button N/A source dir /Button.js
    ButtonForm N/A source dir /ButtonForm.js
    ButtonIconLarge N/A source dir /ButtonIconLarge.js
    ButtonIconSmall N/A source dir /ButtonIconSmall.js
    ButtonNav N/A source dir /ButtonNav.js
    ButtonProgram N/A source dir /ButtonProgram.js
    ButtonStart N/A source dir /ButtonStart.js
    DetailsSection N/A source dir /DetailsSection.js
    ExplorerView N/A source dir /ExplorerView.js
    FormCheckbox N/A source dir /index.js
    FormFakeSelect N/A source dir /index.js
    FormInputText N/A source dir /index.js
    FormRadio N/A source dir /index.js
    FormSelect DOCS source dir /index.js
    FormSelectBox N/A source dir /index.js
    FormSelectBoxSimple N/A source dir /index.js
    FormToggle N/A source dir /index.js
    Frame N/A source dir /Frame.js
    Icon N/A source dir /Icon.js
    IconExplorerIcon N/A source dir /IconExplorerIcon.js
    IconListIcon N/A source dir /IconListIcon.js
    MenuBar N/A source dir /MenuBar.js
    ResizableIconsList N/A source dir /ResizableIconsList.js
    StandardMenu N/A source dir /StandardMenu.js
    StandardMenuHOC N/A source dir /StandardMenuHOC.js
    StartMenu N/A source dir /StartMenu.js
    TaskBar N/A source dir /TaskBar.js
    Window N/A source dir /Window.js
    WindowAlert N/A source dir /WindowAlert.js
    WindowExplorer N/A source dir /WindowExplorer.js
    WindowProgram N/A source dir /WindowProgram.js


    Build tools largely created with help of

    Font created using


    npm i packard-belle

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