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storage container logical partitions management.


const assert = require('assert')

// package define 
const Storage = require('../src')

// module instance
var storage = new Storage()

// mock
let _parameters = {
  partitionId: '123456789123456',
  item: {},

// parameters
let expected = _parameters.item

// operation
storage.addItem(_parameters.partitionId, _parameters.item)

// read item
let result = storage.readItem(_parameters.partitionId, 0)

// result
let actual = result

// condination item
assert.deepEqual(actual, expected)

Getting Started

TO DO: Things to do when getting started on this project.

Build and Test

TODO: Will apply your code and project building standards to templates.

  • The tests will be applied as in the template projects.
  • Development and operation will be planned as test/slot/production.


TODO : The best method of making a contribution will be to comply with the following items.

  • Work with algorithms and flowcharts to solve problems.
  • Make pull requests to version control systems.
  • Stick to Architecture and Design Patterns apps.
  • Take care to develop applications with Domain Based Design / Test-oriented development approaches.
  • Stick to the architectural patterns used in abstraction software like Model-View-Controller.
  • Be consistent in executing maintainable practices with Object Oriented Programming (abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism...) techniques.
  • Use behavior-oriented development tools effectively.
  • Make it a habit to use Integration testing / Unit Testing / Functional Testing / Automation Tests.
  • Be persistent in applying metrics that describe how well the source code has been tested. [ have something to show at meetings: ) ]
  • Send your code with traditional commit messages, make your code understandable with static code analysis tools, "code documentation" tools.
  • Build event-driven, scalable service applications with serverless application development platforms.
  • Follow the steps to improve threading techniques like in services or mobile apps.

While starting

In the project; principles and architectural examples of development, code submission, consistent coding styles and development in team environment have been implemented.

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