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    it's hip to be in a square

    This is the utility we use to generate product image positions within layouts for our digital catalogues(incito), such as this one.

    Basically you give packAnimal some box dimensions and a list of polygons, then it will give you back a list of transforms to apply to put the polygons neatly in the box.

    These transforms are expressed in several ways on the output objects, so that you may choose whichever is appropriate for your use case. You can check that out here.


    npm install pack-animal --save


    ESM supporting environment:

    import packAnimal from 'pack-animal'; // ES6

    CommonJS environment:

    var packAnimal = require('pack-animal'); // ES5 with npm

    Browser environment

    <script src=""></script>
    <script>const packAnimal = window.packAnimal;</script>


    Pass a pack size and a list of polygons to packAnimal, the polygons argument must be an array of polygons each of which is an array of points represented each by a { x: number, y: number } shape object.

    const width = 600;
    const height = 400;
    const polygons = [
      [{ x: 0, y: 0 }, { x: 500, y: 0 }, { x: 500, y: 120 }, { x: 0, y: 120 }],
      [{ x: 0, y: 0 }, { x: 400, y: 0 }, { x: 500, y: 220 }, { x: 0, y: 120 }]
    const polygonTransforms = packAnimal(width, height, polygons);

    The polygonTransforms returned by packAnimal are sets of instructions that you can use to "transform" the input polygons into their packed positions. You can check out the transform properties here.

    <img/> in HTML

    For the use case of positioning <img/>s in HTML, this transform object includes a handy cssText So you can do something like this with that object:

    const boxToPack = document.querySelector('.boxToPack');
    polygonTransforms.forEach((polygonTransform, index) => {
      const image = document.createElement("img");
      image.src = realData[index].url; = polygonTransform.cssText;
    }); = width; = height; = 'relative';
    <div class="boxToPack"></div>


    Check out the internal API documentation

    This project uses TypeScript for static typing and TSLint for linting. You can get both of these built into your editor with no configuration by opening this project in Visual Studio Code, an open source IDE which is available for free on all platforms.

    Running the example(s):

    npm install
    npm run build
    npx serve

    And navigate to the shown URL.

    Running development mode:

    npm install
    npm run start

    Running tests locally:

    npm install
    npm test




    npm i pack-animal

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