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    A bundler for modular and extensible web projects.

    Why not WebPack?

    Work on Pacco started before WebPack was even a thing. In most of the cases you'll want to stick with WebPack, but if you're building a modular and extensible web project, like a front-end framework, Pacco will make your life easier:

    • No configuration: it just works. But if you need to, you can customize almost everything.
    • Partial builds: you can compile your project excluding some particular files or folders. You don't have to compile anything that you don't need.
    • Extensibility: you can build on top of extensible projects, even inject files exactly before or after a particular file, or override some other file. Useful for adding a component to a framework, providing SASS variables or custom configurations in general.
    • Module priority: you can ensure your most important code stays closer to the beginning of your bundle, ensuring it will be executed as soon as possible, improving percieved performance.
    • Build on top of Gulp: you may want to add support for LESS, being Pacco built on top of Gulp means it is easy to extend.


    //TODO: are you interested in this project? Open an issue and I'll find the time for writing it.

    In the mean time you can take a look at Svelto, the front-end framework this bundler has been created for.


    npm i pacco

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