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    Pa11y CI HTML Reporter

    Pa11y CI HTML Reporter generates HTML-formatted report files for Pa11y CI results.

    HTML Reports

    Pa11y CI HTML Reporter generates the following HTML report files:

    • An index.html file displaying summary results for all analyzed URLs, with links to each URL report (if applicable). If Pa11y CI generates an error when analyzing the page (e.g. timeout, DNS lookup), the error will be displayed instead of the summary.
    • A detailed HTML report file for each analyzed URL with Pa11y issues. These reports are generated using the pa11y-reporter-html-plus reporter, with file names generated from the URL. By default, these report files are only generated for pages with Pa11y issues, but there is a configuration option that can be used to override this and include reports for all pages (see below).

    An example report from Pa11y CI analysis of several pages from the W3C accessibility demo site can be seen here.


    Install Pa11y CI HTML Reporter via npm.

    npm install pa11y-ci-reporter-html


    Pa11y CI HTML Reporter is a Pa11y CI compatible reporter. As with all reporters, it can be specified via the CLI or a Pa11y CI configuration file. Complete details on using reporters can be found in the Pa11y CI documentation.

    Using via CLI

    The reporter can be used with Pa11y CI via the CLI as follows:

    pa11y-ci --reporter=pa11y-ci-reporter-html

    When specified via the CLI:

    • Only one reporter can be used. If multiple reporters are required, they must be specified via a Pa11y CI configuration file.
    • Reporter configuration options cannot be specified and the default values will be used (see below)
    • If a reporter is specified via the CLI it overrides the Pa11y CI configuration file settings for reporters

    Using via Configuration File

    You can specify reporters in a Pa11y CI configuration file in the defaults.reporters property (an array).

      "defaults": {
        "reporters": ["pa11y-ci-reporter-html"]
      "urls": [""]

    The reporter can also be used with two optional configuration options:

    • destination: A string specifying the directory for saving HTML report files (default: "./pa11y-ci-report"). Relative paths will be resolved from the current working directory. The directory will be created if it does not exist.
    • includeZeroIssues: A boolean value indicating whether to include detailed page reports for pages with no Pa11y issues (default: false)

    In this case the reporter is specified as an array, with the first element a string with the reporter name and the second element an object with the configuration options.

      "defaults": {
        "reporters": [
            { "destination": "./reports", "includeZeroIssues": true }
      "urls": [""]

    Multiple reporters can also be used as shown below:

      "defaults": {
        "reporters": [
          ["pa11y-ci-reporter-html", { "destination": "./reports" }]
      "urls": [""]


    npm i pa11y-ci-reporter-html

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