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    Pa11y CI HTML Reporter

    Pa11y CI HTML Reporter generates HTML-formatted report files from Pa11y CI JSON output.


    Pa11y CI HTML Reporter accept as input a file containing the JSON output from pa11y-ci (version 2.0.0 and subsequent), for example:

    pa11y-ci --json > pa11y-ci-results.json

    This file must be either UTF-8 (default for Linux and Windows PowerShell 6 and later) or UTF-16LE (default for Windows PowerShell 5.1) encoded.


    Install Pa11y CI HTML Reporter globally (as shown below), or locally, via npm.

    npm install -g pa11y-ci-reporter-html


    Pa11y CI HTML Reporter is intended to be run as a command line tool. Unlike pa11y reporters, it is called separately from Pa11y CI and passed the JSON results to be converted. If no options are specified, it looks for a source file name pa11y-ci-results.json in the current directory, and saves the resulting HTML report files to the current directory.

    Usage: pa11y-ci-reporter-html [options]
      -V, --version                  output the version number
      -s, --source <file>            the path to the pa11y-ci JSON input file (default: "./pa11y-ci-results.json")
      -d, --destination <directory>  the path to the output directory for HTML report files (default: "./")
      --include-zero-issues          include detailed page reports for pages with no pa11y issues
      -h, --help                     output usage information

    The destination directory will be created if it does not already exist.

    The following is an example running pa11y-ci and generating HTML reports from the results (assuming you've installed both pa11y-ci and pa11y-ci-reporter-html globally):

    pa11y-ci --json > pa11y-ci-results.json

    HTML Reports

    Pa11y CI HTML Reporter generates the following HTML report files in the specified output directory:

    • An index.html file displaying summary results for all analyzed URLs, with links to each URL report (if applicable).
      • If pa11y-ci generates an error when analyzing the page (e.g. timeout, DNS lookup), it will be displayed instead of the summary.
    • A detailed HTML report file for each analyzed URL with no pa11y issues. These reports are generated using the pa11y-reporter-html module, with file names generated from the URL. By default, these report files are not generated for pages with no pa11y issues, but the --include-zero-issues option can be used to override this and include reports for all pages.

    An example report from pa11y-ci analysis of several pages from the W3C accessibility demo site can be found here.


    npm i pa11y-ci-reporter-html

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