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    🌐 Freenom API - Promise and auto renew expiring domains v2022.4.128

    Bugs are evident™ - MATRIX️

    NodeJS LTS is supported

    Built on NodeJs version



    To be able to register and renew FREE DOMAINS

    Before, we were able to register and renew with free domains, but by now, these functions are allowed and working ONLY with PAID domains.

    Some links


    I am using these only right now. So no other functions but very easy to add in and Promise based.

    const Freenom = require('p3x-freenom');
    const freenom = await Freenom({
        email: 'p3x@corifeus',
        password: 'password',
        domainname: '',
        domaintype: 'FREE'
    await freenom.domain.delete({ domainname: ''));
    await freenom.domain.register({
            domainname: [
            domaintype: 'FREE',
            period: '1Y',
            nameserver: [
    await freenom.domain.delete, {  domainname: domains })
    // if you have no domain in the list, instead of
    // giving an empty list, it shows and error!!!
    // so make sure you have one in the domain list
    // because freenom.domain.expiringRenew will of course
    // throw an error as well!!!
    await freenom.domain.list()

    The good extra functions

    It automatically renew the free domains (it checks if it is within 14 days expiry and then does it).

    // just a helper, you don't relly need it
    const renewable = await freenom.domain.expiring({
        expiry: '60 days',
    // the magic
    await freenom.domain.expiringRenew({
        period: '12M',

    🙏 This is an open-source project. Star this repository, if you like it, or even donate to maintain the servers and the development. Thank you so much!

    Possible, this server, rarely, is down, please, hang on for 15-30 minutes and the server will be back up.

    All my domains ( and could have minor errors, since I am developing in my free time. However, it is usually stable.

    Note about versioning: Versions are cut in Major.Minor.Patch schema. Major is always the current year. Minor is either 4 (January - June) or 10 (July - December). Patch is incremental by every build. If there is a breaking change, it should be noted in the readme.

    P3X-FREENOM Build v2022.4.128

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