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    P2P Media Loader Core

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    Core functionality for P2P sharing of segmented media streams (i.e. HLS, MPEG-DASH) using WebRTC.

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    The library uses window.p2pml.core as a root namespace in Web browser for:

    • HybridLoader - HTTP and P2P loader
    • Events - Events emitted by HybridLoader
    • Segment - Media stream segment
    • version - API version


    HTTP and P2P loader.


    Returns true if WebRTC data channels API is supported by the browser. Read more here.

    loader = new HybridLoader([settings])

    Creates a new HybridLoader instance.

    If settings is specified, then the default settings (shown below) will be overridden.

    Name Type Default Value Description
    cachedSegmentExpiration Integer 300000 Segment lifetime in cache. The segment is deleted from the cache if the last access time is greater than this value (in milliseconds). Cached segments are shared over P2P network. Affects only default segments storage.
    cachedSegmentsCount Integer 30 Max number of segments that can be stored in the cache. Cached segments are shared over P2P network. Affects only default segments storage.
    requiredSegmentsPriority Integer 1 The maximum priority of the segments to be downloaded (if not available) as quickly as possible (i.e. via HTTP method). First segment that should be downloaded has priority 0.
    useP2P Boolean true Enable/Disable peers interaction
    consumeOnly Boolean false The peer will not upload segments data to the P2P network but still download from others.
    simultaneousHttpDownloads Integer 2 Max number of simultaneous downloads from HTTP source
    httpDownloadProbability Float 0.1 Probability of downloading remaining not downloaded segment in the segments queue via HTTP
    httpDownloadProbabilityInterval Integer 1000 Interval of the httpDownloadProbability check (in milliseconds)
    httpDownloadProbabilitySkipIfNoPeers Boolean false Don't download segments over HTTP randomly when there is no peers
    httpFailedSegmentTimeout Integer 10000 Timeout before trying to load a segment again via HTTP after failed attempt (in milliseconds)
    httpDownloadMaxPriority Integer 20 Segments with higher priority will not be downloaded over HTTP
    httpDownloadInitialTimeout Integer 0 Try to download initial segments over P2P if the value is > 0. But HTTP download will be forcibly enabled if there is no peers on tracker or single sequential segment P2P download is timed out (see httpDownloadInitialTimeoutPerSegment).
    httpDownloadInitialTimeoutPerSegment Integer 4000 If initial HTTP download timeout is enabled (see httpDownloadInitialTimeout) this parameter sets additional timeout for a single sequential segment download over P2P. It will cancel initial HTTP download timeout mode if a segment download is timed out.
    httpUseRanges Boolean false Use HTTP ranges requests where it is possible. Allows to continue (and not start over) aborted P2P downloads over HTTP.
    simultaneousP2PDownloads Integer 3 Max number of simultaneous downloads from peers
    p2pDownloadMaxPriority Integer 20 Segments with higher priority will not be downloaded over P2P
    p2pSegmentDownloadTimeout Integer 60000 Time allowed for a segment to start downloading. This value only limits time needed for segment to start, not the time required for full download.
    webRtcMaxMessageSize Integer 64 * 1024 - 1 Max WebRTC message size. 64KiB - 1B should work with most of recent browsers. Set it to 16KiB for older browsers support.
    trackerAnnounce String[] wss://tracker.novage.com.ua wss://tracker.openwebtorrent.com WebTorrent trackers to use for announcement
    peerRequestsPerAnnounce Integer 10 Number of requested peers in each announce for each tracker. Maximum is 10.
    rtcConfig RTCConfiguration Object An RTCConfiguration dictionary providing options to configure WebRTC connections.
    segmentValidator Function undefined Segment validation callback - validates the data after it has been downloaded.

    segment (Segment) - The segment object.
    method (String) - Can be "http" or "p2p" only.
    peerId (String) - The ID of the peer that the segment was downloaded from in case it is P2P download; and undefined for HTTP donwload.

    A promise - if resolved the segment considered to be valid, if rejected the error object will be passed to SegmentError event.
    xhrSetup Function undefined XMLHttpRequest setup callback. Handle it when you need additional setup for requests made by the library. If handled, expected a function with two arguments: xhr (XMLHttpRequest), url (String).
    segmentUrlBuilder Function undefined Allow to modify the segment URL before HTTP request. If handled, expected a function of one argument of type Segment that returns a string - generated segment URL.
    segmentsStorage Object undefined A storage for the downloaded segments. By default the segments are stored in JavaScript memory. Can be used to implement offline plabyack. See SegmentsStorage interface for details.

    SegmentsStorage interface

    interface SegmentsStorage {
        storeSegment(segment: Segment): Promise<void>;
        getSegmentsMap(masterSwarmId: string): Promise<Map<string, {segment: Segment}>>;
        getSegment(id: string, masterSwarmId: string): Promise<Segment | undefined>;
        clean(lockedSementsfilter?: (id: string) => boolean): Promise<boolean>;
        destroy(): Promise<void>;

    loader.load(segments, streamSwarmId)

    Creates new queue of segments to download. Aborts all http and peer connections for segments that are not in the new load and emits Events.SegmentAbort event for each aborted event.

    Function args:

    • segments - array of Segment class instances with populated url and priority field;
    • streamSwarmId - current swarm;

    loader.on(Events.SegmentLoaded, function (segment, peerId) {})

    Emitted when segment have been downloaded.

    Listener args:

    • segment - instance of Segment class with populated url and data fields;
    • peerId - Id of the peer the segment was downloaded from; undefined for HTTP method;

    loader.on(Events.SegmentError, function (segment, error, peerId) {})

    Emitted when an error occurred while loading the segment.

    Listener args:

    • segment - url of the segment;
    • error - error details;
    • peerId - Id of the peer the error occured with; undefined for HTTP method;

    loader.on(Events.SegmentAbort, function (segment) {})

    Emitted for each segment that does not hit into a new segments queue when the load method is called.

    Listener args:

    • segment - aborted segment;

    loader.on(Events.PeerConnect, function (peer) {})

    Emitted when a peer is connected.

    Listener args:

    • peer - peer object with populated id and remoteAddress fields;

    loader.on(Events.PeerClose, function (peerId) {})

    Emitted when a peer is disconnected.

    Listener args:

    • peerId - Id of the disconnected peer;

    loader.on(Events.PieceBytesDownloaded, function (method, bytes, peerId) {})

    Emitted when a segment piece downloaded.

    Listener args:

    • method - downloading method, possible values: http, p2p;
    • bytes - amount of bytes downloaded;
    • peerId - Id of the peer these bytes downloaded from; undefined for HTTP method;

    loader.on(Events.PieceBytesUploaded, function (method, bytes) {})

    Emitted when a segment piece uploaded.

    Listener args:

    • method - uploading method, possible values: p2p;
    • bytes - amount of bytes uploaded;
    • peerId - Id of the peer these bytes uploaded to; undefined for HTTP method;


    Returns loader instance settings.


    Returns loader instance details.


    Returns a segment from loader cache or undefined if the segment is not available.

    Function args:

    • id - Id of the segment;


    Destroys loader: abort all connections (http, tcp, peer), clears cached segments.


    Events that are emitted by HybridLoader.


    Media stream segment.

    Instance contains:

    • id
      • a String
      • unique identifier of the segment across peers
      • can be equal to URL if it is the same for all peers
    • url
      • a String
      • URL of the segment masterSwarmId
      • a String
      • segment's master swarm ID masterManifestUri
      • a String
      • segment's master manifest URI streamId
      • a String or undefined
      • segment's stream ID sequence
      • a String
      • segment's sequence ID
    • range or undefined
      • a String
      • must be valid HTTP Range header value or undefined
    • priority
      • a non-negative integer Number
      • the lower value - the higher priority
      • default is 0
    • data
      • an ArrayBuffer or undefined
      • available only when segment is fully loaded; subscribe to SegmentLoaded event for this very moment
    • downloadSpeed or undefined
      • a non-negative integer Number
      • download speed in bytes per millisecond or 0
    • requestUrl
      • a String or undefined
      • Request URL of the segment
    • responseUrl
      • a String or undefined
      • Response URL of the segment

    Usage Example

    var loader = new p2pml.core.HybridLoader();
    loader.on(p2pml.core.Events.SegmentLoaded, function (segment) {
        console.log("Loading finished, bytes:", segment.data.byteLength);
    loader.on(p2pml.core.Events.SegmentError, function (segment, error) {
        console.log("Loading failed", segment, error);
        new p2pml.core.Segment("segment-1", "//url/to/segment/1", undefined, 0),
        new p2pml.core.Segment("segment-2", "//url/to/segment/2", undefined, 1),
        new p2pml.core.Segment("segment-3", "//url/to/segment/3", undefined, 2)
    ], "swarm-1");


    npm i p2p-media-loader-core

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