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a super simple p2p hub that allows you to send json messages between computers

var hub = require('p2p-hub').connect('json://address_to_a_member');
hub.on('connect', function(from) {
    console.log(from, 'connected');
    // let's print all current nodes 
    var all = hub.nodes();
    console.log('all nodes:', all);
    // let's say hello to him  
    hub.send(from, {hello:'world'});
hub.on('disconnect', function(from) {
    console.log(from, 'disconnected');
hub.on('message', function(from, message) {
    console.log(from, 'says', message);
hub.send('json://another_member', {hello:'world'});

You can also multiplex messages to support multiple apps on the same hub

var hub = require('p2p-hub').connect('json://address_to_a_member');
var app = hub.multiplex('app');
app.on('connect', function(from) {
    console.log(from, 'connected to app');
    console.log('all in app:', app.nodes());
app.on('disconnect', function(from) {
    console.log(from, 'disconnected from app');
app.on('message', function(from, message) {
    console.log(from, 'in app says', message);
app.send('json://another_member', {hello:'app'});