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Real-time P2P network visualization with D3


Works in the browser with browserify! This module is used by WebTorrent. You can see this package in action on the homepage or play with it on the demo.


npm install p2p-graph


var Graph = require('p2p-graph')
var graph = new Graph('.root')
graph.on('select', function (id) {
  console.log(id + ' selected!')
// Add two peers
  id: 'peer1',
  me: true,
  name: 'You'
  id: 'peer2',
  name: 'Another Peer'
// Connect them
graph.connect('peer1', 'peer2')


Heads Up! : Represented Graphs are directed!

In graph theory, a directed graph (or digraph) is a graph that is a set of vertices connected by edges, where the edges have a direction associated with them.

graph = new Graph(rootElem)

Create a new P2P graph at the root DOM element rootElem. In addition to an Element, a query selector string (like '.my-cool-element') can also be passed in.


Add a peer to the graph. The peer object should contain:

  id: 'unique-identifier', // should be unique across all peers
  me: true, // is this the current user?
  name: 'display name' // name to show in the graph UI

graph.connect(id1, id2)

Connect to two nodes, identified by id1 and id2, to each other.

graph.disconnect(id1, id2)

Disconnect two nodes, identified by id1 and id2, from each other.

graph.areConnected(id1, id2)

Check whether two nodes identified by id1 and id2 are somehow connected (id1 --> id2 or id2 --> id1).

graph.getLink(id1, id2)

If exists return the link between id1 and id2, otherwise null.

graph.hasPeer(Id1[, ...IdX])

Return true if all the given Nodes exists, otherwise false.

graph.hasLink(Id1, Id2)

Return true the given Link exists, otherwise false (direction matters!).


Remove a node, identified by id, from the graph.

graph.seed(id, isSeeding)

Change a node's status identified by id, isSeeding must be true or false.

graph.rate(id1, id2, speed)

Update the transfer rate between two nodes identified by id1 and id2. speed must be expressed in bytes.


Return an array of Nodes.


Destroys the graph and all the listeners related to it.

graph.on('select', function (id) {})

Event is fired when a node is selected (clicked on) by the user. The id argument is either the id of the selected peer, false to indicate that the peer has been deselected. Only one peer can be selected at any given time.


MIT. Copyright (c) Feross Aboukhadijeh.