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    Carbon Components Svelte is a Svelte component library that implements the Carbon Design System, an open source design system by IBM.

    Design systems facilitate design and development through reuse, consistency, and extensibility.

    The Carbon Svelte portfolio also includes:


    Deploys by Vercel

    The documentation website contains live demos and examples. Other forms of documentation are auto-generated:

    Getting started

    Install carbon-components-svelte as a development dependency.

    yarn add -D carbon-components-svelte
    # OR
    npm i -D carbon-components-svelte


    The quickest way to get started is to customize a template from the examples folder.

    Example set-ups demonstrate usage with popular application bundlers and frameworks. They feature a mix of Single-page Applications (SPA), Server-side rendering (SSR) and statically exported approaches.


    Each example is published in a dedicated branch of the same name.

    Use degit to scaffold a new project:

    For example, to use the svite template, run the following commands:

    npx degit ibm/carbon-components-svelte#svite svelte-app
    cd svelte-app
    yarn install

    Importing components

    Import components from carbon-components-svelte in the script tag of your Svelte file.

    <!-- App.svelte -->
      import { Accordion, AccordionItem } from "carbon-components-svelte";
      <AccordionItem title="Section 1" open> Content 1 </AccordionItem>
      <AccordionItem title="Section 2"> Content 2 </AccordionItem>
      <AccordionItem title="Section 3"> Content 3 </AccordionItem>

    Refer to for component API documentation.

    Precompiled CSS StyleSheets

    carbon-components-svelte includes precompiled CSS StyleSheets for each Carbon theme:

    • white.css: Default Carbon theme (light)
    • g10.css: Gray 10 theme (light)
    • g90.css: Gray 90 theme (dark)
    • g100.css: Gray 100 theme (dark)
    • all.css: All themes (White, Gray 10, Gray 90, Gray 100) using CSS variables

    Each StyleSheet is generated from the flagship carbon-components library.

    The examples use all.css for dynamic theming through CSS variables.

    Because the CSS is precompiled, it includes all Carbon design styles. One method to optimize the CSS is to ship only the CSS that is used. This can be accomplished using PurgeCSS with a Carbon style extractor (WIP).



    The easiest way to import a StyleSheet is with svelte-preprocess.

    const svelteOptions = {
      preprocess: require("svelte-preprocess")(),
    <!-- App.svelte -->
    <style lang="scss" global>
      /** Gray 10 theme **/
      @import "carbon-components-svelte/css/g10";
    JavaScript import

    Importing a CSS file in a JavaScript file will require the appropriate file loader(s).

    import "carbon-components-svelte/css/all.css";
    import App from "./App.svelte";
    const app = new App({ target: document.body });
    export default app;

    See webpack.config.js in examples/webpack.

    TypeScript support

    TypeScript definitions are generated by sveld.


    Refer to the Contributing guidelines.



    Apache 2.0


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