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Streaming download of OverRustle logs.


In this example, we get a stream of all messages from a given date, "stringify" the parsed objects with ndjson, and finally pipe to stdout:

var logs = require('overrustle-logs');
var ndjson = require('ndjson');
  channel: 'Destinygg',
  date: '2015-10-21'

We can also get messages from a specific user. In this example, we will use the 'data' event just for the sake of showing how there are many ways to consume streams in general:

var logs = require('overrustle-logs');
  channel: 'Destinygg',
  date: '2015-10-21',
  user: 'sztanpet'
}).on('data', function(data) {


$ npm install overrustle-logs


var logs = require('overrustle-logs');


Returns a Readable stream of Objects that each represent a message. opts is an Object whose properties should be:

  • String name of channel to download logs of. This is non-optional.
  • String date. If you are getting the entire logs of a channel, you must provide the year, month, and day. If you are getting the logs for a specific user, you only need to provide year and month. The format should be parseable by moment (just use the ISO-8601 standard). This is non-optional.
  • opts.user: String username of user you want to download logs of. This is optional.

Here is an example of an Object that the stream with emit:

  timestamp: '2015-10-21T23:59:59.000Z',
  user: 'RustleBot',
  message: 'YEE'