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node.js function overloading


$ npm install overloader

overloader gives you the ability to overload your functions

to start create an overloaded environment:

var Overloader = require('overloader');

var overloaded = new Overloader();

overloaded.overload(function() {
    return 'no arguments';

overloaded.overload('number', function(num) {
	return 'there was a number: ' + num;

overloaded.overload('string', 'number', function(name, num) {
	return 'there was a number: ' + num + ' with the name ' + name;

declare your function and pass this and arguments to the .load() function of your environment:

function myFunction() {
	return overloaded.load(this, arguments);

now you can call your function as usual:

console.log(myFunction('Fabio Poloni', 9));

the output will be:

no arguments
there was a number: 5
there was a number: 9 with the name Fabio Poloni