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    "JavaScript-based LLHLS and WebRTC Player for OvenMediaEngine" OvenPlayer

    What is OvenPlayer?

    In short, OvenPlayer is an Open-Source and JavaScript-based WebRTC Player for OvenMediaEngine (OME).

    OvenPlayer supports WebRTC Signaling from OvenMediaEngine for Sub-Second Latency Streaming. And, it automatically plays and fallbacks using LLHLS (Low Latency HLS), WebRTC.

    See the picture below:

    We also provide OvenMediaEngine, an Open-Source Streaming Server that enables Large-Scale and Sub-Second Latency Live Streaming.

    What is the goal of this project?

    AirenSoft aims to make it easier for you to build a stable broadcasting/streaming service with Sub-Second Latency. Therefore, we will continue developing and providing the most optimized tools for smooth Sub-Second Latency Streaming.

    Would you mind clicking on each link below for details:


    • HTML5 Standard Video Player
    • Live Streaming with Various Protocols
      • Sub-Second Latency: WebRTC (Signalling Protocol Conforms to the OME Specification)
      • Low Latency: LLHLS, LLDASH (Chunked CMAF)
      • Legacy: HLS, MPEG-DASH
    • Automatic Fallback Streaming
    • Fully Customizable UI and SDK
    • Insert ADs with Various Formats
      • VAST4, VAST3, VAST2, VPAID2 (HTML5), VMAP1.0.1
    • Support Multiple Subtitle Formats
      • SMI, VTT, SRT

    Quick Start

    Please read the Quick Start.

    API and Configuration

    Start the Demo and see API and Configuration for more details.

    Build the source code

    Check out Build section how to create ovenplayer.js for deployment or development after modifying the source code.

    How to contribute

    We appreciate your interest in OvenPlayer.

    We need your help to keep and develop our open-source project, and we want to tell you that you can contribute in many ways. Please read our Guidelines, Rules, and Contribute.

    We always hope that OvenPlayer will make your project a success.

    For more information


    OvenPlayer is licensed under the MIT license.


    npm i ovenplayer

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