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Synchronously write a file and create its ancestor directories if needed

const {readFileSync} = require('fs');
const outputFileSync = require('output-file-sync');
outputFileSync('foo/bar/baz.txt', 'Hi!');
readFileSync('foo/bar/baz.txt', 'utf8'); //=> 'Hi!'

Difference from fs.outputFileSync

This module is very similar to fs-extra's fs.outputFileSync method, but different in the following points:

  1. output-file-sync returns the path of the directory created first. See the API document for more details.
  2. output-file-sync accepts mkdirp options.
    const {statSync} = require('fs');
    const outputFileSync = require('output-file-sync');
    outputFileSync('foo/bar', 'content', {mode: 33260});
    statSync('foo').mode; //=> 33260
  3. output-file-sync validates its arguments strictly, and prints highly informative error message.


Use npm.

npm install output-file-sync


const outputFileSync = require('output-file-sync');

outputFileSync(path, data [, options])

path: string
data: string, Buffer or Uint8Array
options: Object (options for fs.writeFileSync and mkdirp) or string (encoding)
Return: string if it creates more than one directories, otherwise null

It writes the data to a file synchronously. If ancestor directories of the file don't exist, it creates the directories before writing the file.

const {statSync} = require('fs');
const outputFileSync = require('output-file-sync');
// When the directory `foo/bar` exists
outputFileSync('foo/bar/baz/qux.txt', 'Hello', 'utf-8');
statSync('foo/bar/baz').isDirectory(); //=> true
statSync('foo/bar/baz/qux.txt').isFile(); //=> true

It returns the directory path just like mkdirp.sync:

Returns the first directory that had to be created, if any.

const dir = outputFileSync('foo/bar/baz.txt', 'Hello');
dir === path.resolve('foo'); //=> true


All options for fs.writeFileSync and mkdirp are available.

Additionally, you can pass fileMode and dirMode options to set different permission between the file and directories.


Set the mode of a file, overriding mode option.


Set the modes of directories, overriding mode option.

outputFileSync('dir/file', 'content', {dirMode: '0745', fileMode: '0644'});
fs.statSync('dir').mode.toString(8); //=> '40745'
fs.statSync('dir/file').mode.toString(8); //=> '100644'

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