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OTR Messaging Protocol [native libotr3.2.x]

This module exposes a simple evented API which wraps the native libotr installed. Supports only versions v3.2.x of library.

Only tested on Debian/Ubuntu. (If you can help to make it build on windows please do).

Still a work in progress..

$ apt-get install make awk g++ nodejs nodejs-dev libotr2 libotr2-dev
$ npm install -g node-gyp

Install pre-requisits MacOS - using brew

brew install node
brew install libotr
npm install otr3

If the install fails because compiling failed, check that you have all the pre-requisists installed. After resolving the problem you must reinstall the module:

npm install otr3 --force
git clone node_modules/otr3
cd node_modules/otr3
npm install

API Documentation


The Excellent OTR Messaging software:

Great guide for writing C++ node.js extensions:

Very useful set of tools when working with v8/Node: