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Otagai.js ### Otagai is an architecture application skeleton and framework that allows you to develop websites rapidly in Node.js and Express.

See more info on project homepage ## How to install

  1. Download and install Node.js, MongoDB and Python (for mongodb bson npm module).

  2. Install otagai.js globally:

    npm install -g otagai
  3. Navigate to a directory where you have rights to create files, and type:

    otagai new app

    This will create an otagai.js application called App in a directory called app and install the npm dependencies.

  4. Change into the app directory and start development server

    cd app
    otagai server dev

CLI usage


To use these commands you must be in app folder. To run application in production mode:

otagai server prod

To stop application:

otagai server stop

To restart:

otagai server restart

You may restart server forced with -f flag. This kill all node and mongo processes.

Admin user

otagai createuser -u username -e -p password

Creates a superuser account (a user who has all default permissions). This command useful for create initial user account.


For generate model:

otagai gen model demo -f name:string,count:number


otagai gen controller demo


otagai gen views demo

Scaffold (model, controller, views):

otagai gen scaffold demo -f name:string,count:number


Project based on form5-node-express-mongoose-coffeescript

Otagai.js thinks to develop as modular framework, focused on convenience and speed of development: livereload, fast transparent preprocessing, easy database migrations and deploying. This is collection of massive patterns and best Node.js practicals.