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osu! Standard Library

This library aims to be an all-in-one library for developing osu! related applications using Javascript/Node.js. Here is a list of its current features (checked) and planned features (unchecked). Drop an issue if there's something you want to see in this list!

  • osu! API driver
  • Beatmap parser
  • Built-in implementation of oppai
  • Mapset utils

Getting Started

To install this package, run the following command in the root directory of your project:

npm install --save osu

You're ready to use this package! Check out the documentation (coming soon) for guides and an API reference.

Using the osu! API

Replace the xxxxx below with your osu! API key. You can find your osu! API key at https://osu.ppy.sh/p/api.

// replace xxxxx with your API key
const api = require("osu").api("xxxxx");

Now you can call any API function you'd like. Here is an example of retrieving the infamous beatmap for FREEDOM DiVE.

    "s": 39804,
    "limit": 1
}).then(function(result) {

This class employs Promises to handle asynchronous execution. This means the object returned by api.getBeatmaps is not the actual beatmap information you were looking for, but a Promise object that will execute independently of the current program. This is why the callback function that takes in the result object is necessary. To read more about Promises, read this helpful introduction from the MDN reference.


Author: IOException

License: MIT

Email: ioexceptionosu@gmail.com


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