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    REST adapter for osquery compatible with Vega

    This adapter allows you to visualize information about your OS, for example see running processes, hardware devices or opened ports. It does that by making osquery data available as a REST endpoint. You can than browse and visualize the information using Voyager or Polestar.

    PCI devices visualized using Voyager


    Install: npm install -g osquery-rest-adapter

    Run it: osquery-rest-adapter

    Use different port (default is 8080): PORT=3003 osquery-rest-adapter


    1. Install osquery (you do not need to run osqueryd, only osqueryi needs to be available)
    2. Download Voyager or Polestar
    3. In your Voyager or Polestar source in the file bower_components/vega-lite-ui/vlui.js change value of myriaRestto http://localhost:8080
    4. After opening Voyager or Polestar, select a dataset using Add a dataset from Myria

    Standalone queries

    This adapter is best used by visualization tools. But you can also use the REST endpoint directly.

    Get list of available datasets

    You can use optional q parameter for search.

    curl localhost:8080/dataset/search?q=usb

      "userName": "local",
      "programName": "osquery",
      "relationName": "usb_devices"

    Fetch a dataset

    In this example we fetch list of usb_devices in the system.

    curl localhost:8080/dataset/user-local/program-osquery/relation-usb_devices/data

    Technical details

    Voyager and Polestar use common components from vega-lite-ui that provide dataset loading functionality. One option is to load datasets from the Myria platform. This adapter works by providing small subset of API compatible with Myria so that vega-lite-ui can connect to it.

    Warning! This adapter exposes information about your system, so make sure to configure your firewall if you want to use it in a public or untrusted network.

    See also

    • Envdb is a web app that provides GUI for querying osquery. It helps you to browse and see the results in tables. An extra feature is that you can connect multiple machines to a cluster and run queries on all of them at the same time.
    • Dashiell is a web app that allows you to query osquery and also facter (which is internally used by Puppet).
    • osquery-node is an advanced osquery client for node.js. It also allows you to write custom plugins for osquery in javascript.
    • mysql-osquery-proxy allows you to use osquery with a mysql-compatible client.


    npm i osquery-rest-adapter

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