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    This software module enables one to add table plugins to OSQuery. The data for the new tables could come from many sources, for example:

    1. Data could come from invoking operating system API calls
    2. Data could come from making a REST API call to an external server
    3. The data could come from a log file

    You could perform joins between OSQuery base tables and the extension tables to obtain unique insights into your infrastructure.

    The extension + table plugin concept can quickly enable the integration of data which is not yet available as a part of base OSQuery. If you could write a REST service on a Windows server then the Windows OS related infromaion can be quickly made availabe under an OSQuery prompt.


    OSQuery must be installed on the computer you are running this sogtware. OSQuery should be run as the same user the user which runs the commands shown here.

    How to

    Open two terminal windows

    On terminal - 1 run the following commands

    git clone
    cd osquery-extension
    npm install

    On terminal 2 type the following commands

    select * from osquery_extensions;

    Note the value in the path column (for the row where name = 'core'), this is the UNIX Domain socket to use to communicate with this osqueryi instance.

    On terminal 1 type the following command

    node extension.js <cut and paste the socket path here>

    On terminal 1 run the following commands

    select * from test_table_001;
    select * from HERO_FOUNDERS;

    You should see the two new tables that are part of OSQuery.

    You can edit the the file extensions.js to add additional tables.

    This example shows how one could write a process to programatically run sql commands and retrieve responses in JSON format. You could use this approach to provide a REST interface to OSQuery tables.

    Open another terminal window and type the follwoing commands:

    node query.js <cut and paste the socket path here>
    select * from processes;


    npm i osquery-extension

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