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Oso Cloud Client for Node.js


The Oso Cloud client for Node.js provides a convenient wrapper around the Oso Cloud HTTP API for applications and services written in server-side JavaScript or TypeScript.

What is Oso Cloud?

Oso Cloud is authorization-as-a-service. It provides abstractions for building and iterating on authorization in your application – based on years of work with hundreds of engineering teams.

  • Model: Build your authorization model using primitives for common patterns like multi-tenancy and RBAC. Express custom rules using Polar, a declarative policy language for authorization.

  • Store: Store your authorization data using a best-practices data model and use it for access decisions across all of your services.

  • Enforce & Query: Add enforcement calls to your application to perform yes/no permission checks, filter resources by permissions, list a user's roles, and show/hide pieces of your UI.

  • Test & Watch: Write tests over your authorization policies before you push them live. See logs of authorization decisions in real time.

For more information on how Oso Cloud works and how it fits into your architecture, check out the introduction.


Community & Support

If you have any questions on Oso Cloud or authorization more generally, you can join our engineering team & hundreds of other developers using Oso in our community Slack:


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