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Module + command line utility for synchronizing two osm-p2p-db instances.

osm-p2p-db stores its map data in two different formats:

  1. The internal storage format: a directory with a log/ subdirectory holding a LevelDB.
  2. The external sharing format: a file ('syncfile') that's a LevelDB tar'red and gzipped.

This utility will sync any pair of osm-p2p databases, regardless of which type is passed in. This can be handy for, say, generating a sync file from your local map data to share with someone else to sync into, e.g. Mapeo Desktop.

CLI Usage

USAGE: osm-p2p-sync TARGET-1 TARGET-2

  Sync two osm-p2p-db destinations.
  TARGET-{1,2} can either be an osm-p2p directory, or an osm-p2p sync file.

  The command will auto-detect syncfiles vs osm-p2p directories.

  If one of the destinations does not yet exist, include a trailing /
  character to indicate an osm-p2p directory is desired; otherwise a sync
  file will be created.


var sync = require('osm-p2p-sync')

sync(dbPath1, dbPath2, cb)

Takes the file paths of two osm-p2p-db directories or syncfiles, and synchronizes them. cb is called upon completion.


With npm installed, run..


$ npm install osm-p2p-sync

Command Line Utility

$ npm install --global osm-p2p-sync