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Oryx is a convenient API scaffolding framework for Node.js and Express, taking away the pains of constructing an API without opting for a full-fledged framework such as Angular. The idea behind Oryx is to make it possible to get an app up-and-running very quickly with little effort. Due to Oryx being built on Express, it's a reliable tool to use in any Node.js application.


Oryx is currently tested against Node.js 0.10.x, 0.12.x and 4.x. Even though 0.8.x is not in the CI loops, it should still be supported at the present time.

All commits are sent to TravisCI for testing, and then on to Code Climate for analysis.


Oryx lives on npm, so just install it via the command line and you're good to go. All other dependencies will be pulled automatically.

Note: Oryx does not depend on Express - this is to allow the user to decide on the version to use.

$ npm install --save oryx

Getting Started

Let's take a look at how easy it is to build a simple app using the Oryx defaults:

var express = require('express');
var Oryx = require('oryx');
var app = express();
var oryx = new Oryx(app);
oryx.autowire(function (err, models, apis){
        throw err;
    console.log('Generated models: ' + JSON.stringify(models));
    console.log('Generated APIs: ' + JSON.stringify(apis));

That's it.

For more information on how this works, the options which can be provided to Oryx, or any other features, visit the documentation.


If you want to contribute to Oryx, please file an issue before filing a PR - I wouldn't want anyone to spend time on a PR which might not be merged. This project is a personal project (at the moment), and so there is no real roadmap with regards to features at this time.

All PRs should pass grunt lint and maintain 100% test coverage. If something isn't covered by lint, please just use the existing code as an example of the style which should be used.


Tests are run using grunt or npm, and written using Mocha. I aim to maintain 100% coverage where possible (both line and branch).

Tests can be run as follows:

$ npm test
$ grunt test
$ grunt # runs the default Travis loop 


If you spot any issues when using Oryx, please file an issue. Oryx can't get better otherwise!

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