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Analytics collector

Events are immediately stored into redis, before being periodically saved into mongodb




  • reapInterval - period in ms between transfer from redis to mongodb
  • mongooseConnectionString
  • redisConnectionString



Data can contain any properties (with the exception of time) and they will be persisted. However there are some standard and compulsory properties

Compulsory properties

  • context - where we've collected the data from (e.g. 'Server', 'GovernorHub client')
  • eventName - e.g 'NewNoticeboardPost'

Standard properties

  • object - the ID of the object the event is happening to (if applicable)
  • objectType - a string type for the object. Recommended for grouping of objects (e.g. 'NoticeboardPost')
  • user - the ID of the user who triggered the event (if applicable)
  • container - the ID of the object's container (if applicable - e.g. the group a 'NoticeboardPost' belongs to)
  • containerType - a string type for the container