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Orsa Server

The Orsa Server is designed to integrate with the Orsa project intelligence system. The Orsa system has an orsa-server plugin that you can configure with the data input URL (/api/update).

The Orsa Server serves three purposes. First it stores data mined by the Orsa system and it's plugins. Second, it provides a web UI to navigate and search around the data. And third, it provides a GraphQL endpoint that you can use to query the data.


GraphQL is a standardized query language which is excellent for complex tree structures like those managed by the Orsa Server.

To try out GraphQL for yourself on your Orsa Server surf to GraphQL UI and use this query:

query {
  projects {
    metadata {

The integrated GraphiQL interface is even smart enough to do code hinting if you hit control-space.


Orsa Server is based on Meteor. So, unless you plan to just use the Docker image, you need to install Meteor. From there it's a simple matter to install and run, like so:

$ meteor update
$ npm i
$ npm start

Once Orsa Server is up and running you can hit the web UI and have a look around. Or have a browse around the integrated GraphQL UI.

Using Docker?

We have an easy to deploy docker image.