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ORM Pagination Helper

ORM Pagination Helper Plugin

This plugin adds a pagination helper function for ORM.

Of course you need orm to use it. Other than that, no more dependencies.

npm install orm-paging

Any driver supported by ORM is supported by this plugin.

Model.pages(cb)   // total pages // get page 
var orm = require("orm");
var paging = require("orm-paging");
orm.connect("mysql://username:password@host/database", function (errdb) {
if (err) throw err;
var Person = db.define("person", {
name      : String,
surname   : String,
age       : Number
Person.settings.set("pagination.perpage", 10); // default is 20 
Person.pages(function (errpages) {
console.log("Total pages: %d", pages);"name").run(function (errpeople) {
// should get you page 3, which means people from index 20 to 29 (ordered by name)