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OrgSync API Javascript Client

WARNING: OrgSync API V3 is currently unstable

To install, simply use Bower and add 'orgsync-api' to your bower.json. The same API is also duplicated in Node.js via the npm package with the same name. On the browser you'll need jQuery for generating XHR and JSONP requests. superagent is required for generating requests in Node.js.

// Create an API instance. 
var api = new OrgSyncApi();
// Login (optionally pass {key: yourKey} to the OrgSyncApi constructor). 
  community_id: 123,
  username: 'example',
  password: 'example'
}, function (er) {
  // Use the `get` method to request data. 
  api.get('/communities/2/orgs', function (er, data) {
    if (er) return alert('Failed with error: ' + er);
    alert('Everything went better than expected: ' + JSON.stringify(data));
  // Or with parameters... 
  api.get('/communities/2/orgs', {page: 2}, function (er, data) { ... });