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0.1.4 • Public • Published


Command-line tool to manage the Todo lists.


  • Manage todo lists
  • Support tomato clocks
  • Support cronjobs


npm i -g orgdo


Add a task

orgdo add "Name of task"

You can add tags to mark project or owner.

orgdo add --tags myproject,bob "Invite bob to talk about the project"

You can add description. The description can be multipeline text with markdown-like fashion

orgdo add --describe 'Descripe can be multipeline text with markdown-like fashion.\nBold: Use asterisks for *bold*\nItalic: Use underscores for _italic_\nStrikethrough: Use tildes for ~strikethrough~\nCode:  Use backticks for `code'  "Task may have description"

Task has priority

orgdo add --priority high "Task have priority"

Determine the start time or dealine of task

orgo add --start "3d" --complete "1w" "Task need to get started in 3 days and be finished in a week"

Update a task

orgdo update --name "Rename the task" 1

Change task state

Task have state: todo, doing, done, canceled

orgdo start 1
orgdo done 1
orgdo cancel 1

Remove a task

orgdo rm 1

List tasks

No options will list the tasks to be done today.

orgdo list

List all tasks with --all

orgdo list --all

Search tasks

orgdo list --name "persentation"

Filter tasks by task properities

orgdo list --tags myproject,blob
orgdo list --tags blob --tags myproject
orgdo list --priority high
orgdo list --status todo --status doing

Filter tasks by time

orgdo list --start 3 #  3 days later
orgdo list --complete <3 # in 3 days
orgdo list --started -3 # 3 days ago
orgdo list --completed @3 # at least 3 days ago

Show task statistic

orgdo list --with-stat

Clock commands

Orgdo support tomato clock. When the timer is up, orgdo will notify.

Start a clock

orgdo clock start

Stop/Abort the clock

orgdo clock stop

Get clock state

orgdo clock state

Update clock settings

orgdo clock set --work-time 25
orgdo clock set --short-break-time 10
orgdo clock set --long-break-time 20
orgdo clock set --long-break-count 4

List clocks

orgdo clock list

Cron Commands

Orgdo enable add task with cron

Cron pattern:

 # ┌────────────── second (optional)
 # │ ┌──────────── minute
 # │ │ ┌────────── hour
 # │ │ │ ┌──────── day of month
 # │ │ │ │ ┌────── month
 # │ │ │ │ │ ┌──── day of week
 # │ │ │ │ │ │
 # │ │ │ │ │ │
 # * * * * * *

Add a cronjob

Add a cronjob that add task at 8:00 am every Fri.

orgdo cron add --task "Summay the job in this week" "0 0 8 * * 5"

Update a cronjob

orgdo cron update --cron "0 0 10 * * 1" 1

Remove a cronjob

orgdo cron rm 1

List cronjobs

orgdo list


MIT @ Sigoden Huang


npm i [email protected]





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