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The organelle provides ondemand utilities supporting console logging (console.log)

DNA structure and defaults

  "prefixConsoleWithTimestamps": false,
  "timeStampMethods": ["log", "error"], /* optional */
  "listenUncaughtExceptions": false,
  "target": console /* optional */
  • target It is optional property. Defaults to console global object. If set it will be used as target of logger either by requiring given path as String or directly using it as Object.

  • prefixConsoleWithTimestamps Wraps methods on target using timeStampMethods property as source and prepends current timestamp and used method name to uppercase before calling original methods.

  • listenUncaughtExceptions addes event listener to process global object for piping any exceptions to target.error method

  • timeStampMethods optional, defines which methods to be hijacked with timestamps when prefixConsoleWithTimestamps is enabled

Reacts to chemicals

type: "kill"

effective only when listening and logging uncaughtExceptions emitted on process object