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CollectionView manages a list of DOM elements using a Backbone.Collection

  • call orderDOMAccordingToCollection to synchronize the child elements of your view with options.collection.
    • Models that are in options.collection that do not correspond to direct children of this.el are used to construct new views using options.construct and appended to this.el
    • Direct children of this.el that do not correspond to a model in options.collection are detached.
    • Direct children of in this.el are ordered according to the index of their corresponding model in this.collection. Re-ordering is performed in-place to minimize the commotion that the DOM is subjected to.
  • call orderCollectionAccordingToDOM to synchronize the elements in options.collection with the child elements of this.el.
    • Models in options.collection that are do not correspond to direct children of this.el are removed from options.collection.
    • Elements that are direct children of this.el, but do not correspond to a model in the collection are left alone.
    • The remaining models in the collection are sorted according to the order in which they appear relative to their siblings

options.collection - the collection that will be used to manage the list of elements in this.el options.construct - optional - the constructor that will be used to build the views that are attached to this.el. Defaults to simple-view options.constructOptions - optional - the options passed to options.construct when it is called. If it is a function, it is executed for each view that is constructed, with the current CollectionView as the context, and the model for the view as the first argument. options.subTagName - the type of element that will be managed by the colleciton. Defaults to DIV options.subTagClass - class(es) that will be added to the sub elements options.deferInitialAdd - optional - defer appending the initial set of views to this.el until after this deferred has been resolved options.progressive - optional - if true, will load items progressively as they are scrolled into view


npm install --save collection-view


const collectionView = require('collection-view');




npm i ordered-collection-view

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