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OrbitJSONAPI Build Status

The OrbitJSONAPI library includes a data source and serializer for Orbit.js that accesses a remote server that is compliant with the JSON:API spec.


The JSONAPISource uses the experimental Fetch API for network requests. If you're running Orbit in an environment that does not support fetch, use a polyfill such as whatwg-fetch or node-fetch. Alternatively, you can use a fetch ponyfill and set it on the main Orbit object. For example:

import Orbit from 'orbit';
import fetch from 'ember-network/fetch';
Orbit.fetch = fetch;



Install the CLI for Broccoli globally:

npm install -g broccoli-cli

Install other dependencies:

npm install


Distributions can be built to the /dist directory by running:

npm run build


CI Testing

Test in CI mode by running:

npm test

Or directly with testem (useful for configuring options):

testem ci

Browser Testing

Test within a browser (at http://localhost:4200/tests/) by running:

npm start

Or directly with broccoli (useful for configuring the port, etc.):

broccoli serve

Generating Documentation

Generate docs in the /docs directory:

npm run docs


Copyright 2016 Cerebris Corporation. MIT License (see LICENSE for details).