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    Orbit is a library for coordinating access to data sources and keeping their contents synchronized.

    Orbit provides a foundation for building advanced features in client-side applications such as offline operation, maintenance and synchronization of local caches, undo / redo stacks and ad hoc editing contexts.


    • Support any number of different data sources in an application and provide access to them through common interfaces.

    • Allow for the fulfillment of requests by different sources, including the ability to specify priority and fallback plans.

    • Allow records to simultaneously exist in different states across sources.

    • Coordinate transformations across sources. Handle merges automatically where possible but allow for complete custom control.

    • Allow for blocking and non-blocking coordination.

    • Allow for synchronous and asynchronous requests.

    • Support transactions and rollbacks by tracking operation inverses.


    Install with npm:

    npm install orbit-core

    The original source code is maintained in ES2015 modules in /src.

    AMD and CJS builds are in /dist.


    Orbit.js is dependent upon Immutable.js for immutable data structures.

    Orbit.js must be used in an environment that includes an implementation of the Promises/A+. If you wish to support legacy browsers, you will need to include a library such as RSVP.


    Orbit defaults to using the global Promise constructor, if it exists. If your environment does not implement Promises, or if you wish to use another Promise implementation, configure your promise library's Promise constructor as follows:

    import Orbit from 'orbit';
    import RSVP from 'rsvp';
    Orbit.Promise = RSVP.Promise;



    Install the CLI for Broccoli globally:

    npm install -g broccoli-cli

    Install other dependencies:

    npm install


    Distributions can be built to the /dist directory by running:

    npm run build


    CI Testing

    Test in CI mode by running:

    npm test

    Or directly with testem (useful for configuring options):

    testem ci

    Browser Testing

    Test within a browser (at http://localhost:4200/tests/) by running:

    npm start

    Or directly with broccoli (useful for configuring the port, etc.):

    broccoli serve

    Generating Documentation

    Generate docs in the /docs directory:

    npm run docs


    Copyright 2016 Cerebris Corporation. MIT License (see LICENSE for details).


    npm i orbit-core

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